Crafting Lostchild’s “love letter to the lonely” with music video for Blacklist

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Joe Copplestone a.k.a. Lostchild has just released his fantastic new EP ‘Blacklist’. We were delighted to be asked to create a music video for his acoustic version of the song. The acoustic version was released two weeks before the main track to bolster PR traction before the launch. Well we achieved just that with over 12k views in two weeks, a feature on Hunger and in Joe’s own words “Direction and creativity was perfectly suited to my needs – every shot was perfect…Perhaps most importantly, the shoot was FUN.”



Joe used our half day shoot package which includes 10 hours of editing time. And that was it, a simple yet effective video delivered within just a few days. Joe’s film used a few creative tools that are included within the price such as the ability for up to 4 x slow motion. By shooting at 100 frames per second we can slow footage down in the edit to give the film those cinematic moments. Such a moment can be found at 0:43 showing a thoughtful and reflective Joe walking towards the camera. Of course it helps that Joe is far from camera shy!

The second creative tool at our client’s disposal is the use of a gimbal. This is a lightweight handheld stabiliser system that gives the effect of the camera floating through the air. As you’ll notice in the film there are moments where Joe walks towards the camera and the camera is moving with him. We bring a gimbal along to shoots for those moments where you need fluid and not erratic tracking or panning shots.

Our third creative tool is one innate to the Sony A7s ii DSLRs that we shoot with and that’s shooting in a camera raw format called SLOG. SLOG captures a flat filmic image that can then be colour graded to any ‘look’ / filter back in the edit suite. The only thing that we can’t guarantee in our packages is the snow effect; we have mother nature to credit for that one!

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