Workshops & Focus Groups

What distinguishes Studio You London from other digital agencies is that we will always prioritise the user experience first and foremost. The team excel in running workshops and focus groups to determine user needs and to test ideas that will inform your bespoke web development.

Creativity. Super-Charged

‘Originals’ projects are about creating something completely new for our clients. It’s more blank canvas creative process whereby the team can get in their element and create a website, an educational resource or even a smartphone app, completely from the ground up. With international client reach, our Studio You Originals come with a tried and tested process with the team’s 10 year+ agency-side experience. We advocate as many passes through this cyclical process of listening, designing, building and testing until a flawless state of User Experience is reached.

Good Creative Digital Agency Processes go through a cycle of listening, designing, building and testing


Innovation can flourish through iterative development. With our Studio You Originals we apply our tried and tested digital agency processes to help you realise your website or application goals and to design + build your next project to spec.

  • Listen – Insourcing, interviews, focus groups, workshops. We plan out a ‘Discovery phase’ to gather insight into an organisation’s business needs or proposed methods of being immersed with their target audiences to listen and learn from them. We sometimes run this research phase as a standalone project to inform costs and timings of a large commission.
  • Design – Through our in-house design team and our freelance network we have junior, intermediate and senior creatives that all work tirelessly to ensure we deliver engaging visual designs every time.
  • Build Our team of developers always deliver specifications on time, on budget and to pixel perfect precision.
  • Testing – End-users / target audiences know what they want when they see what they don’t want. Objective and thorough testing is essential to knowing how you can improve your project for the next iteration, and bringing even more value to your audience.

No two projects are the same with Studio You Originals so please get in touch to discuss your next bespoke website or app project and to get a quote.

Social Action Projects

Does your next project have a social mission? Do you want to give voice to the voiceless? Challenge perceptions or promote human and equal rights? Studio You is part of a social enterprise called Lens Change ltd. We reinvest 50% of all our profits into social action projects. This includes subsidising our rates for charities and the public sector and conceiving our own social self-start projects.

  • Storytelling – One of our key vehicles to promoting change is in using filmmaking to tell stories. Ignorance has no place in our society. People need to hear stories from those being marginalised to understand differences in perspectives, life-experiences, cutures and identities.
  • Educational resource development – We have experience in making interactive learning resources. This could be a complex e-learning envirnoment to the simplicity of an interactive powerpoint. Our design and content team bringing the learning points to life through user-centric design.
  • Co-creation / Training Creating digital content not only for a specific target audience but with a target audience is often a key to success, not only in ensuring the content is meaninful, but in empowering the communities themselves.
  • Consultancy (Creative, Strategic & Pedagogic) We run training to empower educators in running their own campaigns and impart knowledge to help them make more informed pedagogic decisions as they construct learning process for others.

We specialise in projects that support young people’s digital lives; youth advocacy; preventing radicalisation and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Visit below to view our portfolio of work in these areas: