Creating a ‘Content Pool’ for JHI Marketing

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Creating a ‘content pool’ for JHI Marketing

Creating a ‘pool’ of creative and digital assets is increasingly the way to go for marketing campaigns. This gives marketeers a range of communications to then utilise in their work during the marketing push for different scenarios and audiences. Having a range of film or photo assets also allows a consistent flow of engaging content to be posted over time on social media accounts. This helps build a story of the event and keeps followers engaged with new content appearing in their feeds.

Creating this content pool for JHI Marketing was one of our best examples yet of what can be achieved with our film & photo packages. JHI Marketing are a leading marketing consultancy in London specialising in promoting theatre productions and live events. Managed by their talented team & Joe C. Brown (fab producer of Strangers in Between & La Bohème at Trafalgar Studios), we attended a rehearsal and live production of one of their recent briefs – to promote the one man show – The Shy Manifesto featuring Harry Potter star Theo Ancient.

Photography and Film all in one shoot

The content pool amassed the most content from a sold-out show at the Greenwich Theatre in London whereby one of our content producers captured BOTH video and photographic content. Now this one depends on the brief and time available to achieve. But for this brief this multi-format approach was perfectly feasible. Our DSLR camera opp had a seat during the performance to snap some great performance snaps (using a silent shutter of course!) and then immediately after the show sprang into action to capture a range of audience Vox-pops.

To capture truly authentic vox-pops contributions we approached each interview with both concrete ideas and openness. The ideas were to ‘describe the show in 3 words’ and ‘the plot in 60 seconds’. This created a focus for several standalone pieces of film content. Then through a simple discussion guide we asked for open audience reactions. This provided authentic material that could work as additional content for marketing efforts. Acknowledging that Harry Potter star Theo Ancient has his very own marketing appeal we created a range of ‘shout outs’ featuring Theo that could be utilised to promote the tour in local marketing.

Creating the ‘Content Hub’…

You couldn’t make us a website for the show to could you? No probs! Our Sprints approach to websites makes it super easy and affordable to create that dedicated microsite to your cause or campaign. The focus of the was to centralise tour dates of the show, which using the WordPress publishing platform can easily be updated and maintained by the client moving forward. SSL, Hosting, Domain registry all part of the wholistic service the Studio You team provides – creating your content pool and then establishing a content hub to feature it.

All the team wishes Theo and the creative team the best for the remainder of the tour run. The show really is a captivating and cathartic one man masterpiece exploring a poignant theme that often goes unexplored: The human conundrum of shyness.