A ‘year on film’ with the British Youth Council

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A ‘Year on Film’ for the British Youth Council

Sharing the impact of your work is tough. The better a charity is at what they do; the more every single hour of everyday is used tirelessly at the coalface transforming lives and making a real world tangible difference. When the British Youth Council came to us with the brief of more effectively showcasing the impact of their work we had camera batteries charged and strategy ready.

Under our Lens Change social action brand (which gives charities access to reduced rates) we in-sourced one of our filmmakers into the British Youth Council team 3 days a month to follow them into the depths of Portcullis House to the highs of the Yorkshire Moores to capture the incredible breadth of British Youth Council training events.

The outputs included a range of films that they could report back to their funders with and show to their future ones. We worked closely with BYC to determine the best format for each audience and this lead to outputs including short documentaries, a series of storytelling films (like Damien’s below) and also a high-octane sting film which as we had so much material we thought why the hell not!

There were several reactive opportunities too including the emergence of two new national campaigns which came out of the ‘Annual Sitting’ in Parliament. Responding to their imminent need to encourage engagement with these campaigns we created several square 1 minute videos for social media to help their social media efforts.