Free the Squidge!

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If you haven’t tried them yet – get to your nearest stockist and get your chocolate coated marshmallow fix asap as they are divine! Mallow & Marsh first came to us with the clear brief to modernise their website. Their old website, that had done them proud since their start-up days, no longer reflected their rapidly evolving powerful and playful brand. They were also keen to have a website that is scaleable, with us providing training to their team on how to get the most out of their website and edit it themselves moving forward.

With a two week turnaround the team got to work and set-up a WooCommerce website that acts as a shop-front in Google. We part-migrated much of their existing data before creating a range of new pieces of vibrant and colourful artwork and illustrations to feature throughout the site. We can’t take the credit for creating the Mallow & Marsh ‘dude’ (the little white marshmallow with legs!) that appears on their packaging, but we can take credit for the ways we transferred him to the new website. The most notable of which was the footer background artwork region. As you use the website the footer reveals itself from underneath the main content area using the ‘Parallax’ format of HTML. Matteo with a little reference from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made a lovely twilight scene of the Mallows enjoying a dip in a chocolate river!

Their new site is live at Go and get yourself some A-Grade Mallows!