That moment you realise you need a camera #2

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We’ve all been there whilst out living the freelance dream. You only have one pair of hands – and for fast-paced event videography that can only get you so far without missing a bit of the action. But it can be a difficult step outsourcing for the first time… Can I find a camera #2 in time? Will camera#2 be able to mimic my style? Will they get on with my client?

Well Mischke of Movies by Mischke took that step for the first time in 2016 and here’s what she had to say about that outsourcing with us recently: “Studio you have helped me create amazing video content as well as multiple websites. By using a SYL Rep for multiple projects I can happily say that I would recommend working with them. They are the backbone to my business now and always available to help. Even when I am slightly annoyingly leaving things till last minute.”

Our in-house videographers can be in-sourced for any occasion; from conferences; to panel debates; to parties; to weddings. We’ve had the privilege recently of providing Movies by Mischke a second shooter for 10 weddings across the UK and overseas.  Joining happy couples like this is an honour and a privilege to have an all areas pass to such a special day. We work closely with our camera #1s / directors to help tell the story of the day; from helping direct creative moments around those “golden hour” wedding sunsets; through to being in the right place at the right time to capture some inspired Dad dancing. Wedding shoots are completely exhausting but incredibly rewarding with it.

Typically at Studio You when shooting short films we always opt for the feature rich Sony A7 series which comes out unparalleled for that filmic look capturing versatile footage. This footage can be taken down any visual avenue in the edit suite when it comes to colour grading. However when shooting weddings we use nothing less than Canon’s flagship DSLR’s – the 1DX’s. 

Canon DSLRs, and the 1dx in particular, are different beasts to the Sonys entirely. When the 1dx sensor meets some prime Canon glass you get a hyper-real slice of the day captured on film like no other. Colour vibrancy and depth of field being absolutely phenomenal. It’s a no brainer bringing the 1dx’s to wedding videography like this as it can do the flowers, the cake, the wedding dress, the table details and those end of night disco lights unparalleled justice.

So do bare Movies by Mischke in mind the next time you hear of someone looking for wedding videography. And do bare Studio You London in mind the next time you’re ready to bring in the extra workforce to your next shoot day. We’ve also assisted Movies by Mischke when that editing pile has reached critical mass for outsourced editing at a fixed job cost.

As most happy couples want to see the entire ceremony and dinner speeches back to them these edits turn out to be like feature films as we’re editing three visual feeds and 5 sets of sound levels at any one time. Epic workload but so worth it with it when you hear the couple watched it and the tears were rolling! Ahhhh the power of film.