“I made friends because of The Swan.. And I hate making friends”

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“I made friends because of The Swan.. And I hate making friends”

We’re delighted to have worked with management at the Swan Youth Project in Hertfordshire to help tell the story of how they provide fun, yet enriching youth services for 10 – 18 year olds.

“It’s my normal, it’s my everyday life, it’s where I go when I don’t want to be annoyed with my brother” says one regular at the youth centre during an interview on cam.

We observed inspiring impact, dedicated workers and amazing youth engagement as we joined the centre for two shoots in January this year. It was brilliant to work in an environment whereby entertainment can be so seamlessly complimented with learning experiences for members of a youth club. The Swan seems to have perfected this formula down to a T… Which made filmmaking on message – a breeze!

At the start of any film project it’s imperative to know exactly why you’re making a film and what you want the messaging to be. This informs everything that comes next, from the shots you schedule to the Discussion Guides you create for interviews.

But what is truly the Studio You way is to not let this Brief restrict the art of the possible! It was quite clear whilst shooting at the Swan that two shorts were forming…. and whilst the video above was intended for funders to see the value The Swan brings to young people, we also had enough material for a “Get Involved” video directed, not at funders, but at the young people themselves…. with no adults!

And we’re delighted to see them using the videos on their new website: https://www.theswanyouthproject.co.uk/


Studio You London is part of Social Enterprise Lens Change ltd, where we care passionately about giving voice to amazing causes like The Swan. Sometimes film in itself is a vehicle for change, other times it’s a vehicle for placing a spotlight on the great change that’s already happening out there in our communities, to help further their cause.

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