“Keep your head in the clouds” :: Filming networking events for the Trinnovo Group

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“Keep your head in the clouds” :: Filming networking events for the Trinnovo Group

From AWS server security to the representation of women in devops “Keep your head in the clouds” was the first Q&A & networking event we filmed for Trinnovo. The group is made up of three fantastic brands in recruitment:  Trust in Soda, Broadgate Search, and BioTalent. What all three brands have in common is they put on AWESOME socials in the industry niches they work in. Our filmmakers set out to capture the diversity, energy and incredible sense of community that is present at these fast-paced events.

What our clients like most about the presence of our filmmakers at these events is that they can trust us to “blend in” but also to be professional in arranging informal interviews with attendees. We create a new discussion guide for each event so that we always ensure our questions are relevant and fulfil the brief.


Another advantage of our filmmaking packages is that once the quote and time is locked down we can often cut multiple films with the footage we’ve captured. For example for Women in Devops – using our shoot and edit packages we delivered 1) This short 2-3 minute promo, 2) A full continuous 90 minute version of the talk and 3) A 1 minute cut for Instagram.

When capturing a narrative for events, we dont’ have to just be in showcase mode capturing the positives of this type of event, this is always useful for marketing but it can be just as useful for your marketing strategy, to capture additional content at events like this that’s super shareable, e.g. “top 10 tips for being a woman in devops” etc. etc. All things we’re exploring in our future collaborations with Trinnovo.