“All men die. But some men live on”

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“All men die. But some men live on”

This is the quote that inspired Lady Corbett to create and manage the Robin Corbett Awards as part of her husband’s legacy. Robin had dedicated much of his life to prison reform and championing prisoner re-integration. This charity and the annual awards were established to highlight good practice in this sector and to give promising initiatives a monetary boost of prizes from £1,000 – £5,000.

When Lady Val Corbett approached Studio You with her second website brief in the wake of the great feedback she received from  her first Studio You site ladyvalnetwork.biz, her main objective was to modernise. The charity had made it’s first website using Wix and now things had gotten to the stage where updating the site was difficult, the design looked dated and visitor’s experience of using the site was negative. Particularly on mobile the old website didn’t “respond” to the size of the screen.



With the WordPress templates we use in our “Hoxton package” the website adapts to the user’s size of the screen, so when you access  on mobile you don’t have to keep on pinching the screen to zoom in and out to read words. Instead there is an optimal find size and the different sections of the page wrap accordingly. Try it for yourself to see how at www.robincorbettawards.co.uk