UK Parliament enjoys digital without the stress!

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UK Parliament Enjoys Digital Without the Stress

It’s been an absolute privilege to work with the fantastic UK Parliament Outreach team. The team is responsible for running the massive event which is Parliament Week every November. The week is all about engaging the public more with Parliament and raising awareness of all the ways people can by involved with Parliament; such as meeting with your MP, voting in local elections or starting a petition online. The reach of the week is huge with 4,596 registered activities taking part nationwide in schools, uniformed organisations and faith groups.

This year the Outreach Department set out to create some original content for their social media channels for release during Parliament Week. They came to Studio You London to discus an idea they had for creating short films to show some of the amazing people that make Parliament tick. In collaboration with the client we planned out a half day shoot in the House of Commons kitchen with Pastry chef Andrew Ditchfield, and then a second half day shoot in the House of Lords kitchen with Executive Chef Gary Devereaux. Keen to use the films on their Instagram we had the challenge of condensing 45 minute recipes down into 60 second films! Both chefs did an outstanding job however of directly addressing the camera with their step by step narration. Our filmmaker on the project then got to have some fun getting creative with some slow mo and tracking shots. The outputs sparked new engagement with audiences at home, with people trying out the recipe for themselves. Fingers crossed for a Commons versus Lords bake off next year!