Fancy an (e)quality brew!?

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UK Parliament Education & Outreach handed us a new brand they’d be working on called equaliteas. With a name, logo and colour palette already in place we sprang into action on the film front. We created two 1 minute films for them as part of the commission. The first was a short scripted motion graphics piece that could be used to help the team promote the equaliteas campaign.

With over 3,000 events registered nationwide – the campaign was a great success as it got a diverse inter-generational mix engaged in discussions about democracy and equality here in the UK. The discussions focussed on the Representation of the People Act 1928, which gave all men and women over 21 the equal right to vote. With this as a direct stimulus for discussion conversations quickly lead to how much work still needs to be done.. which is where our second film came in.

Film 2 responded to feedback the department received off the back of the 2017 ‘Parliament Week’ whereby incredible numbers took part in events nationwide but all fed back that it would be nice to receive recognition from their contributions from UK Parliament thereafter. Our filmmaker built on the style of the promotional film and attended 5 different events across London and the midlands to capture the diversity of events and participation and synergise this into a one minute thank you film shared with all those hosting an event.

Many don’t realise that UK Parliament is completely seperate from the Political parties that operate within it. Although we interviewed the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsome; UK Parliament and it’s Education and Outreach departments are Apolitical. The departments focus in promoting democracy, political literacy and inspiring the next generation of voters. Truly fantastic to work with the team again and look forward to continuing these collaborations.