Bringing web pages to life for alt.camden, Camden Collective & A Greater Source

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Video background assets helping to bring webpages to life


We’ve had three super creative jobs on recently all of the same ilk – creating moving image background assets (no sound – visual only) to embed and autoplay within background elements of web pages. It has been a joy fulfilling these briefs for 1) the fantastic Camden Collective, 2) alt.cmd one of their sister projects focussed on new ways to invest in public good and social progress and 3) A Greater Source – An international technology recruitment agency based in Shoreditch. Our commissions take many forms – from being out with the camera and helping tell a story of the brand visually, to fulfilling edit-only roles to stylise clips and optimise for the quick load times needed on the web. For all three of these projects we’ve fulfilled the creative brief specifically and co-ordinated with the client’s own existing developers / agencies to fulfil to desired formats, on-time and on-budget 🙂

This was a really fun brief for us as it included the shoot and edit of the material to be featured in the asset. Our filmmaker worked to capture moments around Camden where the video clip started out looking as if it was just a still image before something in the composition comes to life with some subtle movement. This can work really well on sites and has even been used by big players like Airbnb to give that powerful and memorable first impression when visiting a new website. In practice capturing these moments can require a lot of patience, for us it was leaving the camera rolling and waiting for a bird to fly, a bus to drive by, or that perfect gust of wind to bring movement to a poster or flag. Technically the approach also requires the perfect exposure settings. Specifically composing with a low ISO ensures there is no “noise” in the image that would give away to the website visitors that they are looking at a film and not a still image. Check out the alt.camden website where you will see the video backgrounds being used across multiple pages on the site.

Camden Collective:
Camden Collective, a fantastic organisation supporting start-up businesses with workspace (and indeed home of our very own offices!), were looking for a video asset to feature as there hero image on their new website as they celebrate their 10th birthday! One of our filmmakers spent a morning in the co-working space to capture the vibrance of ‘the hub’. We focussed on capturing natural moments with members hard at work and having a good time in the process. We added a white overlay to the video so that the asset would be in-keeping with the new site’s design and also work as a background to a black header on top of the asset.

A Greater Source:
We worked with the marketing team at A Greater Source to again bring that impact to a user’s first visit to the homepage on their new site. This commission was edit only and we sourced and licensed Adobe Stock material to compile together clips that showcase all of the different countries that A Greater Source operates in. For those Adobe Creative Cloud fans out there Adobe Stock is a fantastic tool, to browse stock clips before downloading them straight into your project watermarked for testing, before licensing clips there and then in Premiere. Clips available in both 4k & HD.