NATO Parliament Assembly :: Inviting the world to UK Parliament through film

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Promoting the annual session for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Documentary style promotional films are some of our bread and butter here at the studio, but this was no ordinary brief! We’ve just completed a short film to be used to invite delegates to the 2019 annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA), which on NATO’s 70th anniversary, is to be hosted here in London by UK Parliament. Host countries of the annual session take great pride in creating a promotional film that will communicate the values of the host country and the objectives of the summit. So it was a great honour to be asked to create this film for the NATO PA. Working across two shoots with MP Richard Benyon and the President of the NATO PA Madeleine Moon, we used direct-to-cam shoots to create the narrative of the piece.

Approaching this film project

Once the narrative was in place we worked with the Imperial War Museum to source footage of the original NATO treaty signing with US president Harry Truman to share some of the history behind NATO at this 70 year anniversary. The MOD, Visit Britain and Visit Scotland also being fantastic sources of archived material to help bring this conference invitation to life visually.

Multiple film formats for promoting the conference

The outputs for the project were vast and the edit process included the transcription of subtitles in English and in French; square film formats for social media posting; and shorter 1 minute film cuts to cater for a variety of different usage scenarios. The feedback on the film has been fantastic and we hope it plays an important role in showcasing British Values to the world and plays a key role in communicating the objectives of the conference to delegates.