A life in branding

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Tracey La Cour’s life has been dedicated to helping companies build stronger brands. She seamlessly combines traditional PR and marketing with creative services to help busy agencies project their brand and more effectively showcase their results. One of her most notable branding achievements was how she took Stopp (now Media Monks Sweden) on a journey from small post house to global integrated production company… Skills!

Building your own brand and website is much more challenging than doing it for others (we can say this from experience!) as was with the case for Tracey.  It’s not just the technical side of getting a website working on all devices, it’s finding a look, feel and tone of voice that feels right for your brand… and when your own brand is your baby this can be hard to translate to a web page as it’s so personal, almost an extension of yourself!

When Tracey first got in touch she shared that this was something she had been putting off for 5 years and it was only upon seeing a recommendation from a friend that she thought why not give this a go with Studio You London. Over the period of a month we worked with Tracey to develop a design identity for her brand Roar Communication. Tracey had lots of good ideas, as would be expected, and we worked to help realise those digitally. Her main breif – ‘stand out from the crowd’ being echoed through the design and copy. On this particular project we acted as a collaborator and a synergist for Tracey, being able to experiment with different design choices and approaches within a minimalist one page design.

Delighted with the output (roarcommunication.com) and now live for her clients to see, Tracey informs us that we have succeeded where she has found it difficult to complete a website before.